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dcci talk


With the intensification of business and service industry competition, hotels, business super, cinemas, restaurants and other needs to be on demand, who can provide customers with more comfortable service, enhance customer experience shopping experience, so that guests feel your service and Different, it means that you can attract more consumers; Tuopeng digital communication system is very good to meet these needs, to do: voice clear, no signal blind spot, can be highly adjusted, docking business and service industry management system.

The program uses the world’s leading DMR digital conventional communication technology, can effectively increase the coverage of wireless communication users to enhance the efficiency of communication between departments to increase the system’s call capacity to help managers directly to the vertical management, to help enterprises And the efficiency of manufacturing management.


(1) clear digital voice communication
Narrowband speech coding and digital error correction technology, unique environmental noise suppression, even in the production of noisy environment can also ensure a clear digital voice quality.


(2) TDMA technology, increase system capacity
Dual Slot TDMA technology allows two midpoints in a 12.5KHz channel at the same time. A digital turntable can complete the work of two analog transit stations, that is, there are twice the analog transit turntable system call capacity.


(3) with the same frequency of broadcast technology, saving spectrum resources
You can use the same frequency broadcast technology, different departments of the turntable can use the same frequency, no need to apply for multiple frequency, can effectively reduce the system complexity, saving frequency resources, saving management costs The


(4) IP interconnection technology to achieve global exchange
The turntable can be networked through an IP network to ensure that interconnected and direct calls can be made by different departments / branches across the globe.


(5) System Scheduling software to help users achieve the entire network scheduling
According to the user scheduling or emergency communication needs, the system scheduling software can be achieved on the user any department or individual call scheduling.


We offer the power of DCCI talk to our Clients who rely on staying in contact with their staff whether they are on the same property or across the country.  Our competitive 2-Way Radio Over IP Solutions keeps your Efficiency Strong, Your Employees Safe, and Ultimately increases your bottom line. Most businesses rely on utilizing the resources they have effectively to ensure their job gets done. Set up your Demo Today!