Track it All with One Complete Solution


Vehicles, Trailers, Equipment & Assets


Maximize Your Mobile Workforce.


Don’t just manage your mixed fleet – vehicles, trailers, equipment and assets. Maximize it with GPS Tracking solution. Designed for small and medium sized businesses, FleetLocate combines the powerful features and cost efficiencies of Global Positioning Systems (GPS Tracking), Mobile Resource Management (MRM), and Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) technology to help you:

• Measure the performance and efficiency of your mixed fleet

• Optimize your vehicle, trailer, equipment and asset inventory

• Track the travel speed of your vehicles and trailers

• Know how many engine hours your vehicles and powered equipment have been in use

• Monitor unauthorized use or route deviation within your mixed fleet FleetLocate delivers actionable, real-time business intelligence to help increase your ROI and move your business forward. 


We offer installation with full training until you are comfortable with your new FleetLocate  service.  Mobile App Set up, Web-Based Software to follow your fleet and generate your reports on your schedule.


GPS Tracking Solutions for Mixed Fleets.

Our plans are bundled to give you everything you need to get started for a low monthly cost!

Most plans include:


• Software

• Service

• Installation

• Lifetime warranty

Track Your Vehicles, Trailers, Equipment and Assets Our Vehicle, Trailer, Equipment and Asset tracking solutions can be bundled with everything you need to get started for one low monthly price. Increase performance, reliability while driving down expenses. * Deposit and activation


Maximize the Activities of Your Mixed Fleet


The FL18 is a vehicle GPS tracking device engineered with CDMA technology and designed as a universal solution for 24/7 visibility and continuous-tracking. Its high reliability helps streamline operations, reduce service and maintenance costs, improve driver safety and customer response.


The FL12 is a trailer, equipment and asset GPS tracking device engineered with CDMA Technology when continuous power is readily available. Improve trailer, equipment & asset utilization and right-size your mixed fleet.


The FL700 is a battery powered GPS tracking device engineered for asset tracking when continuous power is not available. Containers, roll-off bins, dumpsters and a host of equipment are safe and accountable with the FL700.


The Power of Reports.


If you have big plans for your business, we have the right tools to help you get there. FleetLocate‘s mixed fleet solutions let you map, monitor and manage your fleet and asset activities 24/7 via an intuitive mobile, web-based platform. FleetLocate provides continuous visibility into your mixed fleet through:

• Time and motion-based reporting

• Real-time location information on where your vehicles and assets are now

• Actual GPS mileage tracking

• Exact historical vehicle and asset location every two to ten minutes while en route

• Speed, ignition and idle reporting

• Automated mixed fleet pool management on one screen – one solution.

• Power connect and disconnect notification

• Automated yard management

• Battery life status


GPS Fleet & Asset tracking solutions that deliver realtime business intelligence.


Fleet Tracking isn’t just for vehicles. Now you can make faster, smarter, more profitable decisions relating to your business.


FleetLocate provides small and medium sized businesses with actionable business intelligence that drives efficiencies and results. Its intuitive user interface is designed track it all – vehicles, trailers, equipment and assets on one screen – one solution.


FleetLocate’s feature-rich reporting lets you measure the performance of your mixed fleet – you’ll see where you’re losing money, and how to control costs.


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