Using GPS to locate your next sales just makes sense.

Does your Sales Team deserve a raise?

In today’s economic climate, businesses are looking to do more with the resources they already have. Outside Sales Teams have always been the best way to market directly to their customer base. I am about to show you a way to capture more accounts, retain the valued customers who have supported your business and increase productivity utilizing the same amount of time (sometimes less) that you’re already using.

-Chris Black

Sales Manager DCCI

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If you are anything like me,  I enjoy building a Sales Team, and watching them Learn, Grow, and move forward in their careers.  Unfortunately we never really know what is going on out in the field when our team is doing great or when they struggle.  I’ve heard Sales Managers time and time again say it’s in the production.  The sad truth is,  We’ve all had that great hire that was setting the woods on fire and we couldn’t figure out how they did it.  The other side is the person who has had lots of success but hasn’t been able to make it happen with your organization.  Now, I have a tool that will revolutionize the way your team works toward their goals.


  • How much of your territory is being targeted?


  • How much of your territory is each Sales Person covering over the course of a month? 


  • How many of your valued Clients are being taken care of the way they should be?


  • How many HUGE opportunities are you driving by just a block away and never stopping by?


  • How often are your Sales Teams spending all of their selling day completing sales tasks?


If you can’t give definitive answers to these simple questions then it’s time to take a look at your options.  It’s time to know what areas of your marketing territories are being tapped.  Is it time to expand or do we just need to revisit existing areas. Sit down with each Sales Person one on one and learn more about how they cover their markets and what works, what doesn’t work.  These things are very simple once you have the correct tools in place. To schedule your consultation, simply fill out the form to the left and we can learn more about your sales goals and how we can help you achieve or exceed them.